WhatsApp Dark Mode in the Beta Build Available now

Before we write anything related to the topic, we want to congratulate the WhatsApp owners. Give a huge round of applause for WhatsApp. This app has recently crossed the benchmarks of 5 billion downloads. It is the second non-Google App which has achieved this massive target. The first app was Facebook which owns WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Expected Changes:

Now Facebook is planning to bring major changes in WhatsApp. The one change is to confirm that WhatsApp users will get Dark Mode feature in the future update. The dark mode is launched in WhatsApp Beta Build. Currently, it is under the testing phase. Soon the final update will roll out and users will get the most demanded feature soon. Other change is a rumor we can’t confirm about it. It will be the worst nightmare for users if it happens. The unauthentic latest news is Facebook is planning to launch Ad service on WhatsApp.

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Coming back to the topic and i.e Dark Mode in WhatsApp Beta Build. As most of us already know that the Beta version is launched for the app developers. So, they can test and improvised the features before rolling it out for users.

How to get WhatsApp Dark Mode:

To get the beta version users to need to signup for the beta program through Google Play Store. Currently, the WhatsApp Beta program is full. Users don’t need to reinstall the app. On the next update, they will get the WhatsApp Dark mode feature surely.

WhatsApp Dark Mode


If you are not updated to the WhatsApp latest version, get it from Google Play. If the update option is not available then download WhatsApp APK official. The recommended version to get the Dark Mode in WhatsApp 2.20.13. Don’t install an unofficial version it may be considered as the violation.

  1. Launch WhatsApp latest version on your Android device.
  2. Tap on the overflow icon located at the top right.
  3. Go to the Settings option.
  4. Tap on Chats and then select the Theme option.
  5. Set the dark theme for your WhatsApp.
  6. You will see the theme change instantly.
  7. That’s how you can activate Dark mode on WhatsApp.

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