What are XLL files and how to open them?

XLL Files are the specific type of files dedicated to MS Excel. These are similar to the DLL type of files only difference is that XLL is only for MS Excel. They have may common resemblances with XLA and XLAM files. These are the third party developed add-ons and Extensions to make the Excel task easy for the user. Unlike typical sheets such files enable users to do something different.

What are XLL files?

Many users are confused about how to use XLL Files on Excel. Do they have to pass through some sort of hurdles for it? Well, this is totally a misconception for you. It is so simple to add this Add-ins file on Excel. Check how to do it in the below heading. These files are programmed using C/C++. programming language. That’s something related to computer ancient languages.

How to open XLL Files?

Well, you just need to double click on the XLL files to open them with Excel. Or right-click on the XLL file than select Open with option. Now choose in which software you want to open this file. If the XLL file is not opening then there is nothing you can do. Because these files are the rare type of files. You can’t convert the XLL file to another format using any converter. Infact we never saw a convert who supports such type of file.

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