What Are MDB Files?

You can say MDB Files as an alternative to the Avid Media Database file. But MDB files are Microsoft’s Access Database files which you can also attach to file types like XML and HTML. All of the latest MS Access versions support MDB and ACCDB files. But a user needs to know one thing, the older version Access files are supported by the newer versions. Though, the latest version Access files are not supported by the Latest Access versions.

How To Open MDB Files?

There are tons of tools that a user can use to open an MDB file. Most famous of them are Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Visual Studio 10+. But if you are using Microsoft Excel to open the MDB file, then you’ll only be allowed to read the file. Because this software doesn’t allow you to write/edit the file. So Microsoft’s Visual Studio 10 or later versions can help you tweak the MDB files. For that, you will have to install the whole .Net framework and log in to the software via Microsoft Account.

How Access MDB Files Online?

If you don’t install any software to open MDB files, then there’s a way to open such files online. There’s a service known as MDBopener that allows you to view and edit the files. You can visit their website your web browser and simply upload a file that you want to tweak. Without any questions asked, the online platform will help you complete the task in a matter of seconds. You can view the database files, make updates and even delete them if you want to.

Note: A user is not allowed to upload a database file of more than 25MB. So before uploading any file, make sure that your file is under 25MB. In my experience, if you don’t want any trouble with MDBopener online, upload a file with 20MB max.

What Are MDB Files

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