How To View Saved WiFi Passwords from CMD

Here’s a guide to help users View Saved WiFi Passwords from CMD. As we know that most of the users prefer to connect their devices via WiFi. No one likes to connect his device through broadband because of the messed up wires. Though, every time you connect a new device with WiFi, you are required to enter its password. Without it, there’s no possible way of connecting your machine with the same network.

There are times when you are required to share your WiFi password with colleagues or even guests at home. Matter of fact, most users prefer using a strong password, because they don’t want others to know about it. Some users even set passwords that they can’t remember anymore. For those, who don’t like to use password manager apps but like to “View Saved WiFi Passwords from CMD”, I’ve prepared a tutorial.

How Can I View Saved WiFi Passwords from Command Prompt?

Command prompt bieng the most beneficial tool for Windows 10 users, it provides services just like a terminal. Such services are also available inside other operating systems like Mac and Linux. However, I’ve only tested the provided method on a Windows 10 machine. It worked perfectly and did help me in completing the task. Following are easy steps that I implied myself:

  • Type “CMD” in the Cortana search bar and click on “Run as Administrator”

View Saved WiFi Passwords from CMD

  • Execute “Netsh” in the command prompt.

View Saved WiFi Passwords from CMD

  • To view all the saved network catalogs, run “wlan show profile”

View Saved WiFi Passwords from CMD

  • From the provided to you, remember the profile name of which you want to get the password. Put it inside the following command. In my case, it’s “Next Web Lines 1”
    • wlan show profile name=“Next Web Lines 1” key=clear

View Saved WiFi Passwords from CMD

  • Under the Security section, you’ll see the saved WiFi password written in front of “Key content”
  • Write the password on a paper to remember it for future reference and close CMD.

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