How to Use Color OS App Cloner

Oppo and Realme devices support Color OS on their devices. The Color OS is packed with the best features that most of the Operating Systems don’t have. One of the most useful features in Color OS is the App Cloner feature. Most of the users of Color OS liked this feature because it allows them to operate two accounts on the app on one device.

Many third-party app cloners are available to download on Android. But these are not officially launched for your device. So to use them on your smartphones means that you are taking a risk on-device security. So if you are the user of the Oppo device then no need to download any third party app cloner because there is a built-in App Colner available in Color OS.

Most of the users don’t know how to enable and which are the apps that have to support this feature on your device. So today we will show you how users can enable this feature and also they can see which are the apps of your device that work perfectly with the App Cloner feature.

How To Use App Cloner in Color OS

First of all, users have to enable this feature from the settings because by default this feature is disabled. Also, users can see the list of the apps that supports this App Cloner feature in Color OS.

  • To do that, go to the Settings of your device that is running on Color OS.
  • Then scroll down to the bottom and click on the App Cloner option.
  • After that, users will see the list of apps that are supported by this feature. You will see all the installed apps of your device that works perfectly with it.Use Color OS App Cloner
  • From the list, select the app which you want to Clone.
  • After that click on the Toggle Switch available beside the Clone App option.Use Color OS App Cloner
  • Now the clone app will automatically appear on your device home screen. If it didn’t show then you need to check the app drawer.Use Color OS App Cloner

This is how users can clone an application using the App Cloner in Color OS. It is the most useful feature for many of the users who have two accounts in one app.

Users can also rename the clone app. To do that follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Follow the instructions up to 5th step that is mentioned above.
  • Then click on the Rename Cloned App option.Use Color OS App Cloner
  • Now you can enter the name whatever you want and then click on the Save option.Use Color OS App Cloner

This is how users can rename the clone app in Color OS.

We hope that this guide will help you with how to use the Color OS Clone App feature. If you want to ask questions then contact us in the comment section below.

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