How To Update Name In Aadhar Card Online

Aadhar Card provides a national code for Indian citizenship. All the records of Indian people are saved in a 12 digit code. These are for the safety of civilians because it contains all data about biometrics & demographics. But some people have mistakenly provided the wrong information while registering for Aadhar. Also, there are some Indians who have to shift to a new location.

For both these people, we have come up with a guide for How To Update Name In Aadhar Card Online. Because all of us want to visit the governmental offices during working hours. So now you can accomplish this goal by sitting at home or the office. But you are recommended to perform all the provided steps.

Update Name In Aadhar Card Online

Updating Name In Aadhar Card Online

  1. First of all, click here to visit the SSUP website.
  2. See the home page instructions and if you agree, hit the proceed button.
  3. Type-in your Aadhar 12-digit number.
  4. A text verification will be delivered on the screen, now select OTP to receive the same code on your registered mobile number.
  5. After receiving the code, enter the exact code in the online portal to login Aadhaar account.
  6. When you have logged in successfully, you need to follow the onscreen instructions.
  7. When you are done in updating the Aadhar information, click once on the update button.

That’s all, now your Aadhar information will be updated. But sometimes the online servers are not working well as they are expected to do so. Also, if you are visiting this official website from another country/location rather than India, then you might need a VPN. After installing a VPN, select a proxy location with an Indian location. When done, visit the SSUP portal and start performing your desired tasks. Anyway, do share on social media with others and thanks for visiting igeeksguides.

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