How To Update Information On DS-160 Form – After Booking

Feeling frustrated just because you enter the wrong info in DS-160 form? If yes, then our guide is made only for you. Today, we will help you Change/Update Information On DS-160 Form. As we all are humans, mistakes happen on different aspects of time. But it does not mean that we have to pay for every single mistake. Similarly, the DS-160 form is an online application which people perform to apply for visit visas in the US. So if you have made a mistake in the online application, you don’t need to worry at all. Because here, we will be discussing How To Update Information On DS-160 Form.

Update Information On DS-160 Form

Updating Information On DS-160 Form

You know that you have applied for a visit visa, there is a huge you may get rejected just because of the wrong info. So if you think that’s the case, then you must change it instantly. Because if your application gets noticed by the US authorities, they will reject your application without any questions asked. So here’s a simple way to Update Information On DS-160 Form.

  1. Visit the Nonimmigrant Visa Instructions website.
  2. Sign in to access your entered data.
  3. Enter your application number to start updating it.
  4. Click on the Create New Application tab after confirmation.
  5. Hit continue and start editing your DS-160 form info.
  6. When done, click once on the submit button.

Now you will be provided with a new application number. Please do remember it because you will have to use it when you are called for an interview. Moreover, you need to be patient after updating Information On DS-160 Form. Because the process will take approx 24 hours to fully update your DS-160 form profile. When done, you will be notified instantly.

There you go, it’s all on How To Update Information On DS-160 Form. Keep visiting igeeksguides for future guides. Please don’t forget to share our post on social media. Thanks.

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