How To Unsend or Delete Snapchat Messages in 2019

Not a single doubt, Snapchat is known to be the most fun-loving social media platform. Users get to share their daily snaps with others without any trouble. Everyone has a unique profile name, so there is no chance of falling into a trap of online hacker. But sometimes we mistakenly share our snaps and sometimes send replies without considering what response they will get. So the question is, How To Unsend or Delete Snapchat Messages? That’s what we will discuss today. A guide to Unsend or Delete Snapchat Messages.

Unsend or Delete Snapchat Messages

Unsending or Deleting Snapchat Messages

For users who have mistakenly sent a message which is not supposed to be seen by the receiver. We are here to help on How To Unsend or Delete Snapchat Messages. You will have to follow several steps to solve such an issue. All of the provided steps are presented as simple as possible. So that users should not face any difficulty in performing them. Now, it’s time we start the guide:

  • The first you need to do check your Snapchat app’s version. If it is not updated yet, you need to update it to the newest version. If you are an Android user, get the latest Snapchat app from play store. If you are using an iOS device, visit the app store to update it for free.
  • Once you have got the latest version, open the app and navigate to the chat from which you want to delete an unseen message.
  • Now tap and hold for 5 seconds, until a popup menu starts to appear on your smartphone’s interface.
  • Select unsend/delete and you are good to go.

Final Words: Here comes as an end to our guide on How To Unsend or Delete Snapchat Messages. Feel free to ask for questions via comments box provided below. Keep visiting igeeksguides for similar articles. Thanks.

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