How To Unsend & Delete Snapchat Message Which are not seen yet

Snapchat is the best social network in terms of privacy. They have a very complex chat and story algorithm. After a few time the whole chat and stories will disappear unless users don’t allow. Like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other Snapchat also offers a chat option with friends, followers and followings. It’s a little bit different and people like it. Infact people are mad behind Snapchat Streak which we recently discussed. Today we are going to discuss how to Unsend and delete Snapchat message which is not seen yet.

Unsend Message on Snapchat

How To Unsend & Delete Snapchat Message:

By the way, if the receivers didn’t read the message within 24 hours after sending it. The message will automatically get disappeared. If you want to delete or unsend the message before then follow the below steps.

Its very simple and easy just follow the below steps.

  • Open the Snapchat chat.
  • Select the participant to which you sent the message
  • Tap and hold on that message which you want to delete.
  • Snapchat will give you different options.
  • Select unsend or delete whatever you want.

Now the message will be deleted before the receiver reads that.

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