How To Fix Unmountable Boot Volume Error In Windows 10

We provide you the solutions if you are getting the Unmountable Boot Volume Error In Windows 10. When you boot your Windows 10 then you will see this error on your PC screen. Before we tell you the solution to that problem, let us tell you the cause of this error.

Reason of the Unmountable Boot Volume Error In Windows 10

This error will come if you did not correctly partition your hard drive while installing the Windows 10 on your PC. The Boot Volume error comes when your computer can not load Windows 10 properly. This problem is also caused if you have corrupted system files, corrupted files on the hard disk, damaged RAM or damaged hard drive. So if you have the working RAM and hard drive then you need to check the settings of your Windows. Below we will show you the methods by which you can fix the Unmountable Boot Volume Error In Windows 10.Unmountable Boot Volume Error In Windows 10

Method To Fix Unmountable Boot Volume Error

We provide the three methods through which you can successfully fix this problem from Windows 10.

1. Fix Through Command (Chkdsk)

  • First, start your computers using the Windows 10 USB drive and DVD. If both of them are not available to you then click on this link. From there you need to follow the steps to create one of these using the Media Creation Tool.
  • After starting your PC using a DVD or USB device then you need to select Repair your computer option. This option is located at the lower-left corner of the PC screen.
  • After that, choose Command prompt option.
  • Now type chkdsk /r c: command over there and press the enter button. (If the bootable drive is a letter other than C then replace that with c:
  • Now select for yes on the question regarding checking the disk the next time the system restarts.
  • After that restart the system. It takes some time so you have to be patient because chkdsk checks your drive for errors.

2. Fix with Master Boot Record

  • For this method, start the computer using the Windows 10 DVD or a USB drive.
  • Then select the Repair your computer option that is located at the lower-left corner.
  • Now choose the Command prompt and type bootrec /fixbootover there and press Enter.
  • Now restart the system and wait for some time so that chkdsk fully checks the drive for errors.

3. Fix with Automatic Repair

  • For that method, you need to start the PC using the Windows 10 USB or DVD.
  • Now choose the option Troubleshoot
  • Then go to Advanced options
  • From there select Automatic Repair
  • Then click on the Next button
  • Now choose the OS that you want to repair.
  • After that, it starts the repairing process. Be patient and it takes time to repair the files.

If all of the methods don’t work that it means you need to change the hard drive of your Desktop or Laptop.

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