How to Turn On Notification Snooze feature in Android 10

Android is one of the most powerful Google Operating System which provides tons of features. On every update, it provides you new features and security patches so that users can get the maximum joy and protection.

Most of you have upgraded to the latest Android 10 OS. In this update, you can get many new features that you didn’t found on the previous one. Some of the features of Android 9 are very useable and Google has updated these features in Android 10.

In Android 9 Google has introduced the Notifications Snooze feature to the users. This feature is helpful for many users because they can quickly quiet notifications for a set amount of time. In Android 9 users can simply swipe the notification left or right and they can get the option to snooze them. Users can click on the bell icon and snooze the notification for some time.

But after they have upgraded to Android 10 they can not see that icon on the notification panel. Most of you think that this feature is gone form Android 10. It is not true, this feature is still there in Android 10 and users can enable this feature from the settings of their device.

Today we will show you the settings on how to turn On Notification Snooze feature in Android 10.

Turn On Notification Snooze feature in Android 10

This feature in Android 10 is by default is Turn Off. So first, you need to enable those features from the settings of your device. So to do that follow the below steps.

  • First, go to the Settings app on your devices.Turn On Notification Snooze feature
  • Then you need to click on the Notifications option.Turn On Notification Snooze feature
  • Over there, you will see the show snooze option.
  • Toggle the switch to ON from OFF to allow snooze feature on your Android 10 device.Turn On Notification Snooze feature

Most of the smartphones have different settings in Android 10. So if you don’t find the notification snooze feature with the above method on the settings of your device then simply follow these instructions.

  • Go to the Settings of your device and click on the search icon available at the top.Turn On Notification Snooze feature
  • Now write notifications on the search bar and click on the notifications option and then you will see the notification snooze option.Turn On Notification Snooze feature

This is how users can successfully Turn ON notification snooze feature on their Android 10 device. After you have enabled this feature now we will show you steps on how to use this feature.

  • First of all, scroll down the notification panel.Turn On Notification Snooze feature
  • Then slide the notification halfway to left or right.
  • Now you will see the clock or bell icon. Click on it.Turn On Notification Snooze feature
  • After that, set the duration of snooze you would like to silence that app notification.Turn On Notification Snooze feature


We hope that this guide will help you on how to Turn On Notification Snooze feature in Android 10. If you have any questions then feel free to contact us in the comment section below.

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