How To Track RTGS Transaction Status in 2019

Tracking RTGS Transaction Status can be frustrating sometimes. Because users are unaware of the fact, that sometimes the online banking servers start to respond laggy. So there is a delay in online money transfer and users get stuck in the middle. For users, who don’t feel good at staying at the wait, they can decide to perform several steps to get rid of this frustrating problem. So here, we have drafted a guide of How To Track RTGS Transaction Status in 2019. Because there is a simple trick which you can imply to avoid future inconvenience.

Track RTGS Transaction Status

Tracking RTGS Transaction Status

The key benefit of RTGS transactions is to all users get rid of manual banking frustration. So many people prefer it for sending & receiving money to Australia, India, America or any other country. It’s also because this banking system is supported by the State Banks of the countries. Because every country knows its best for the economy.

Every time you perform an RTGS transaction, a UTR number is generated by default. Because it’s a Unique Transaction Reference Number that delivered to a specific online money trade. Its format is like BANKRNYYYYMMDDNNNNNNNN. A person needs to make sure that they have the right format. Where the name of the bank is placed, transaction code, year, month, date, and the transaction code.

Most of the people get confused about using RTGS services. Because they allow users to send online transactions. So the confusion is of the timing which users are unaware of. Well, it depends on the timing of the banks, because if you sending money to another country, you have to know what time is there.

A good thing is that there is no cancellation process. The receiver gets the money even if there are time delayed. However, the best time to make RTGS Transactions is 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM is Asian countries like India.

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