Toggle Off ColorOS Hot Apps and Games Folder – Simple Steps

People who have a bit of knowledge about smartphones know about Chinese variants. The Chinese variants are very different from international variants. As China have strict rules about internet and operating systems. The software, app developers and smartphone manufacturers in China makes separate variants for locals. Oppo and Realme are the best example of Chinese phones. These brands are being globally used especially in Asia. But most of their use is in China. Oppo and some Realme phones have a specification in ColorOS known as Hot apps and Games. Which is basically a place to find the new apps and games.

Toggle Off ColorOS Hot apps and games

This app features in the new arrivals in Apps and Games. This folder is based on ads and promotions. It comes with the default and its purpose is to keep users aware of latest products. Basically ColorOS Hot Apps and Games Folder is beneficiary for the smartphone manufacturers rather than users. Due to this folder the app and game promoters pay enough money to the phone makers. It results the prominent decrease in the phone manufacturing. To be honest this feature is much irritating for the users. The advertisers or agent will love ads but not users unless they earn money from it.

Toggle Off ColorOS Hot Apps and Games Folder:

It doesn’t mean that you have to watch the promotions for the rest of the life. Fortunately, Oppo company have kept the option of turning off ColorOS Hot Apps and Games Folder. You just need to Toggle off a switch and you will get rid of this crap. You can find the feature in the App Market Settings. Here are the steps to accomplish this task.

  1. Launch App Market on your Oppo or Realme ColorOS device.
  2. Here you have to locate the General Tab and tap on it.
  3. There will be a Settings‘ icon at the bottom right, tap on it.
  4. Find the Hot Apps and Hot Games option and Toggle off its switch.

So viewers! These were the steps to get rid of irritating ads. ColorOS may be good thing but this component is surely annoying. Thanks to the ColorOS developers that they have kept this option. Atleast, people who don’t like ColorOS Hot Apps and Hot games feature can turn it off.

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