This Message Was Deleted – How to Read Deleted Messages On Whatsapp Messenger

Read Deleted Messages on Whatsapp MessengerWhatsApp is the largest communication platform in the world. One of only a few platfroms is being used by more than 1 billion people. WhatsApp added a new Delete Messege feature a few months back. By this feature, you can delete the sent messeges before the receiver read that messege. The delete messege feature of WhatsApp is maybe good for the sender but for the receiver it’s so annoying. People use to think about what he or she sent me, what they deleted? Even people use to fight on why you deleted the message? So we are here with a way to read deleted messages on WhatsApp Messenger. It is so simple and easy.

How to Read Deleted Messages On Whatsapp Messenger

Here are the steps to read the deleted messages on WhatsApp. There is no stock feature by which you can accomplish this task. You have to take help from a third-party notifications app. We have mentioned the link of an app in the below steps, follow them.

  1. First of all, you need to download the Notification History App from the Google Play or APK on your Android smartphone. Here is the link [App APK].
  2. Allow the app to download. Tap on the downloaded file to install it. If prompts tap on Install button.
  3. After installation, open the app and grant the necessary permission to this app. If you don’t give permission then this app will not work.
  4. Once you launch the app, the app will start working.
  5. Whenever a new message will arrive this app will save the popup notification. Now even if sender deleted the message before you saw the app will show the highlight of that message.

Unfortunately, may you not able to read the whole message. This app shows only that part of the message which appears on notification bar or screen popup. If you have any question you can freely ask us through the comment box.

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