How To Share Pictures & Chat In Google Photos App

Most of you are using the Google photo app on their devices. Some of the Android devices have default Google photo app installed in it. One of the best photo app available for the users because it provides tons of features that most of the apps don’t have.

The best part of this app is that all of your photos will be saved in the app. This is an official app from Google so users do not need to worry about their privacy. It is the most secure app available for users to use on their devices instead of using third-party photo apps.

Google regularly give updates on this Google photo app for the users. These updates provide new features with the abilities that other Photo apps don’t have. Recently Google gives new updates in which they bring a new sharing feature. This feature lets you share pictures and chat in Google Photos app with the users available on your contact list.

This feature is available in the previous version of the app but its a bit tricky to use. You had to create an album and then share the images with other Google Photos users in your contacts. Many of you are using this feature and share their photos with their friends and family. But most of the users do not know how to share pictures and chat in Google photos.

Steps To Share Pictures And Chat In Google Photos

If you want to know and share your images and chat with others directly from the app then follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  • First of all, users need to update the Google Photo app to the latest version.
  • To check that, open the Play Store on your device and go to My apps & games and from there they can check for an update for Google Photos. Also, you can search the Google Photo app in the search bar of the Play Store and check for the update.
  • After you updated to the latest version now its time to tell you the steps to share pictures and chat.
  • To do that, launch the Google photo app and then select the image you want to share with someone.
  • Then expand the image by tapping on it or long-press on the image’s thumbnail and then click on the Share icon.Share Pictures & Chat In Google Photos App
  • The scrollable list of contacts will appear horizontally.
  • It will show all the users that are using the Google Photo app from your contact list.Share Pictures & Chat In Google Photos App
  • Then select the contact with whom you want to share the pictures with.
  • Now you will see the option to add a message with the image. It’s your choice to type the message with the image or simply send only the pictures.
  • After that click on the Send option.Share Pictures & Chat In Google Photos App
  • Users can also share one image by multiple contacts by clicking on the + Icon available beside the To Section.
  • Additionally, you can also share the same image with multiple contacts by tapping on the icon beside the To section.

This is how users can share the pictures and chats In the Google Photo app.

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