How to Save Link with Screenshot on Samsung Devices

Samsung is one of the famous companies that manufactured one of the best smartphones and tablets for users. People like to buy the phones of Samsung because it provides all the latest specs on their devices. Most of the users like their phones because they give some of the best features that most of the mobile companies don’t have.

Samsung provides many unique features in their OS that will only be found on their devices. Some of them are very useful features and one of them is to save the websites with a screenshot. Most of the people know about this feature because they have highlighted it very much. But most of them do not know about it. That’s why we are here to tell them about that feature and how they can use it on their Samsung device.

With the help of saving the websites with a screenshot feature, users can save a page they want to read later or any website for future reference with a screenshot. This is better than bookmarking a website since users can see what’s was on the page when they saved it.

How to save a link with a Screenshot?

Below we will show you the steps that will guide users on how to save a link with a screenshot in Samsung devices. Follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  • First of all, launch the Samsung internet browser or Chrome browser and visit a website.
  • So if you take a screenshot of that website with the link then:
    • Press and hold the Power and Volume down keys to take a screen screenshot.Save Link with Screenshot on Samsung Devices
  • The screenshot saves in the gallery of your device. Now go to the Samsung Gallery app that comes pre-installed.
  • You will see the screenshots folder in the Gallery, open it up and you will see the screenshot that you have taken.
  • Click on that screenshot to view it then you will see a Go to websites pop-up at the bottom of the device screen.Save Link with Screenshot on Samsung Devices
  • So if you click on that pop up then it would launch that website in your browser.

This is how users can save a link with a screenshot in Samsung devices.

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