Expected Updates of Samsung Galaxy S11

As Samsung will be releasing Samsung Galaxy S11 soon in the market. There are some additions which were missing in Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10. We hope that these things will be added or modified in upcoming models. Previous models were released in February 2019 so it is most expected that Samsung Galaxy S11 will also be released in February 2020. More precisely it is in the air that February 18, 2020 will be the day when all rumors and wait will come to an end.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Updates

There are different things which were missing in previous phones of S series or need to be modified. E.g battery with higher mAh capacity. Other than this there was no slot for external memory. Due to this issue, either you will use two sims or one sim along with external memory.

Expected g Galaxy S11

In this post we will be discussing few updates, modifications and changes expected in the upcoming model. We will be discussing all the main features that matter in android phones. These features are as follows;

Size and Display

In Samsung Galaxy S11 different changes are expected. First of all, if we talk about its size, it is expected that there will be three versions. Smallest version will be of 6.4″, medium version will be of 6.7″ and the biggest will be of 6.9″. Another change will be observed and that is of aspect ratio. It will be changed from 19:9 to 20:9. This means it will be comparatively taller this time.

We saw that in previous models body consisted of thick bezels and the flat display, but according to sources this time we will no longer see those thick bezels and flat displays rather the coming model will have very thin bezels along with curved display. It will have dynamic AMOLED display. It is also expected that on customer’s response, Samsung will remove bixby button in upcoming model. So upcoming model will be left with power button and volume keys. Many people were hoping that this model will again include 3.5 mm headphone jack which was removed in Note. But up till now there is no news of return of 3.5 mm headphone jack.



When it comes to multimedia, a big change is expected in position of front camera. It will be shifted from right side of mobile to center of body. Size of front camera will also be reduced which means more screen. Also if we see from customer’s point of view, it is difficult to take selfie from right sided front camera. Hopefully, this change will be appreciated by the users.

Other than this if we talk about back camera, a bigger camera portion is expected. According to some leaked pictures it will contain 5 cameras, that means this portion will be even bigger than that of iPhone 11. This camera portion will be rectangular in the shape with curvy edges.

Network and Sensors

According to the sources, plus version of S11 will have 5g phones only but the other versions will be available in 4g and 5g both. If we talk about sensors, there is big news in this department as well. The news is that Samsung Galaxy S11 and Qualcomm have introduced new 3D Sonic max fingerprint sensor. So most likely this sensor will be used in upcoming models of S11. This addition will not only increase the authentication area upto 17x but also it will provide space for two fingers at a same time. This will also enhance the speed of fingerprint sensing.

Other than this it is seen in the leaked pictures that there are two sensors placed along with the camera portion. Till now, it is not confirmed that what type of sensors are they. But according to rumors, these are new night bright sensor accompanied by auto focus. It is expected that Samsung is going to use 108MP sensor in this series. This 108MP sensor will probably be the Samsung’s bright hmx 108 megapixels. Sensor is comparable to high-end DSLRs. This sensor will have ability to absorb more light in low light cases. It will be recording videos in 8k at the speed of 30 FPS.

Battery and Processor

In Samsung Galaxy S10, battery was a major issue. It was observed that 3400 mAh battery was not enough for these type of phones. Specially when you are using phone more, you need a bigger battery. According to leaked pictures of the model, ratings of 13.6 W can be seen on battery. If we convert it into mAh it means that Samsung will replace this 3400 mAh battery with 3800 mAh battery or more which will be a major improvement. Most probably it will also be capable of wireless and reverse wireless charging. It will be powered by USB type C.

Another huge improvement expected in this phone is of processor. It’s processor will contain octacore CPU and adreno 650 GPU. Which means processor will be working 25% more efficiently than the predecessors. If we go into more detailed specifications it will be supporting 4k resolution at 60ghz, Quad HD+ resolution with 144 Hz refresh rate. Android 10 will be used in this model. More precisely One UI 2.1 version of android 10 along with water resistant IP68 will be operational in this model.

Memory and Chipset

It is expected that this model of Samsung Galaxy S series will be having ram of 12GB along with 1TB ROM. If we talk about chipset, snap dragon 865 will be used in North America and exynos 990 globally.

It is also said that it will probably be the last model with exynos chip. Though most of the users will not feel the difference but gamers will surely feel the difference. According to the reviews till the date, snapdragon has better battery performance as compared to its competitor chip.


Seeing the trends and prices of previous model it is estimated that price of basic model will start from $1100.


So these are few of the changes which are expected in upcoming models of S series. This all information is based upon leaked images and information by renders. Though track record of these renders show that most of the information will be true but most importantly nothing is confirmed yet. Probably there will be more leakage of information in the left days. But for exact and accurate specifications and shape we will have to wait till it’s release.

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