How to Make a Single Page Landscape in Word 2019 & 2016

Different people prefer different styles to view the page in Microsoft Word. Its people mentality to view the documents some find ease in Portrait view. Some people prefer to view a file in the landscape. Today we will guide you on how to view a single page Landscape in Word 2019 and 2016 versions. By default, the page comes in portrait mode.

MD Word Single page Landscape

Make a Single Page Landscape in Word 2019 & 2016:

Open the page that you would like to flip to landscape mode. Move your mouse cursor at the very top.

  • Click on the Layout option.
  • Now select the Page Layout.
  • Choose the Breaks option.
  • Click on Next Page to create the section.
  • Select the “Page Layout” tab.
  • Convert the “Orientation” to “Landscape”.

Now every time you need to make the page in Landscape you need to follow some steps. In the above method, we have guided you on how to make the second’s page Landscape in MS Word 2019 & 2016. Nowe if you want to make the third-page landscape too than follow the same steps as mention above. As an illustration, see the sequence below.

On the second page click on the Layout option > Page Layout > Breaks option > Next Page > Page Layout “Orientation” to “Landscape”. You can continue the series as many times as you want.

If anyone of you wants to make the page 1 portrait in MS Word. Then, there is a trick by which you can do it. If your first page in Word contains the header and you don’t want to make it Landscape, follow these steps.

  • Right-click on the header in the Landscape page.
  • Select “Edit Header” from the options.
  • Click on Link to the Previous button, it will not be highlighted anymore.
  • Delete the Heading of that page.
  • Your heading will stay on Page 1.

The procedure is very easy but I know it’s confusing a little bit. So if you face any problem in understanding than you can freely Contact Us.

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