How to Enable Dark Mode on Instagram – Android

Dark Mode feature is now a part of many high profile apps. The reason to develop this specification is to confront the user’s eyes. Now there are many apps that are offering this feature. Now Instagram has also added this feature. As Instagram is managing a huge database of users, obviously they have to include dark mode. Today we will guide you on how to enable dark mode on Instagram.

Instagram Dark Mode:

Instagram is the second most used social media app in the world after Facebook. It was acquired by Facebook for a massive price tag. Now Instagram is one of the most valuable brands. Instagram Flexibility is not hidden from anyone. People use it for Entertainment, time-killing, Business, Advertisement, Fun and to interact with their friends and families. A large number of celebrities used this platform to interact with their friends.

enable Instagram Dark Mode

Instagram usage at night times is more than a day. People after their working hours use this app to get relax mentally. Obviously, at night times the light intensity is more due to dark. That’s why the dark mode feature was introduced. It protects users from eye diseases, problems especially short-sightedness and Far-sightedness.

How to Activate Instagram Dark Mode:

Actually Instagram didn’t include the dark mode option in the app. You have to use Dark Mode overall from Android settings. It may apply changes to several apps on your Android smartphone. Many of them will be shifted on a dark background. That’s still not a bad option. Here’s how you can activate the dark mode on Instagram.

  1. Close down the Instagram app if you are running it currently.
  2. Launch the Android Settings on your device.
  3. Tap on the Display option present in the Settings menu.
  4. Toggle Dark Theme button to turn on dark mode for Instagram.

Navigate back to the Home screen. Launch the Instagram App again. Now you will see your Instagram background will be dark. It looks stunning and you feel a major change in it.

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