How To Turn On or Off Flash Light During Video Calls and Incoming Calls

That feature was the key to iPhone success. It’s an iPhone swag when someone calls you and your smartphone flashlight blinks. Maybe you are iPhone user too if yes! then you can enjoy this feature also. If you don’t know how to Turn On or Off Flash Light during video calls and incoming calls? We will guide you on how to do this. Now the good thing is you can also use this feature on Android. Now many manufacturers have introduced in their Android samrtphones.

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How To Turn On or Off Flash Light During Video Calls and Incoming Calls

Most Android phones have introduced this feature in stock. If your smartphone is deprived of this feature may you will be able to get this from third-party apps. Anyhow this feature was introduced in the above Marshmallow versions. If you are using Redmi (Xiaomi), Oppo, Samsung, and Vivo android smartphone then turn on flash during a video call. This option is present on notification bar you can enable or disable this through the notification bar.

From Settings:

  1. Go to the Settings of your Android device.
  2. Scroll down, locate the Accessibility option and tap on it.
  3. Tap on the Hearing option.
  4. Enable the Flash Notification by sliding the button (make it green).

The written steps are according to the procedure to turn on/off flash notification in Samsun Galaxy J7 prime. Setting names may be different in other brand devices.

Turn on Flashlight Incoming Call & Notification

  • First, you have to go to Settings of your Android device.
  • Secondly, Scroll down the screen and look for the accessibility option.
  • Find option like LED Flash for Alerts option just click and enable it.
  • You can turn off this option anytime you want by repeating the same procedure.

That’s all! now anytime when you will get the call flashlight will blink. If any of viewers find difficulty in procedure than feel free to contact us. We will reply to you with details as soon as possible. Our team is ready for you 24/7.

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