How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages on Android & iPhone

Recover Deleted Facebook MessagesFacebook is one of the best sources to connect with friends and family. Through Facebook, you can share pictures, videos, and much more. Moreover, you can also pass the comment on pictures of friends and loved ones. In recent years, Facebook has become a lethal weapon in the world of communication. You can send messages, voice notes, and make audio/video calls within no time.

Sometimes users unintentionally delete things which they don’t want to lose. Today our topic is about how to recover deleted Facebook messages on Android and iOS device. Here we will tell you a simple way to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages on Android & iPhone.

Simple Way to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

Follow these simple steps to recover deleted Facebook Messages.

  • First, log in to your Facebook account. Enter your email and password.
  • After signing up. Click on the gear option and go to Settings.
  • Here in Setting, you will see General Settings. Click on it.
  • In general settings, you will see an option “Download a copy of your Facebook data”
  • Click on the download button. It will redirect you to a new page.
  • Now you need to click on Start My Archive button in order to download the copy of your lost data.
  • Before downloading the file. It will again ask you to log in to your account for the verification.
  • After downloading, the file opens your Gmail Account and check for the mail of Facebook recovery.
  • Once received, open the mail and follow the link to open download archive page.
  • After downloading the file you need to extract the zip file.
  • Congratulations now you will find all your lost messages.

That’s All.

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