How to install Facetime without Jailbreak in iPhone bought from Dubai/UAE

Facetime on iPhoneUAE and China are the 2 states where there are alot of restrictions. China doesn’t allow the social networks and UAE has prohibited Video calling in their states. Even the smartphone manufacturers make special amendments in the stock which they sell in UAE. Similarly the top brand Apple doesn’t give Facetime app in their iPhone UAE version. Due to prohibition, many people in the UAE can’t make calls due to the absence of iPhone. Even not in the UAE but all those smartphones which are bought from Dubai or UAE willn’t contain in iPhone. We will guide you on how to install Facetime on iPhone bought from Dubai/UAE.

Use Facetime in UAE

If you are using the iPhone in UAE then you can connect with a VPN. You can select any VPN app from the App Store. ExpressVPN or NordVPN one of these will be great.

  1. Install a VPN app and launch it on the iPhone.
  2. Select the location of any country where FaceTime is operating.
  3. Go the AppStore and install the Facetime app.
  4. Now anytime you want to use the FaceTime app you have to connect VPN.
  5. Remember it will work on WiFi only.

Install Facetime without Jailbreak in iPhone bought from Dubai/UAE

Actually the Facetime is not a factory lock, it’s a carrier lock which is operating in UAE. That’s why this app can’t be used in the boundries of UAE and Dubai. Once you came outside from country boundries you can use Facetime again anywhere.

  1. Remove the SIM Card from iPhone which you bought from UAE.
  2. Buy the new SIM card with the country code in which you are present.
  3. Insert the new SIM Card on your iPhone.
  4. Now iPhone will ask you for installing Carrier settings.
  5. Once settings installed your iPhone will restart.
  6. Now when you will see the iPhone home screen again, Facetime will be there.

So this is the simplest procedure to install FaceTime on iPhone. If you find any difficult contact us for assistance. Our team is active 24/7 for you.

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