How to Get Amazon Prime Membership for Free – 2019

Get Amazon Prime Membership for FreeAmazon Prime Membership let users deliver things for free for the first or second time. Moreover, it delivers the product on the same day. This membership of amazon is different from simple ones. It includes exclusive prime deals with no minimum order value required. Amazon Prime Members are eligible to place unlimited orders with free or no delivery charges.

Today in this tutorial we will tell you how to get Amazon Prime Membership for free. Most users don’t know how to get registered to prime membership for amazon. But using this guide you can easily get yourself register. Follow the instructions given below for Amazon Prime Membership. (Free 2019)

Possible Ways to Get Amazon Prime Membership

Below you can see possible ways to avail Amazon Prime Membership.

#1: Get Free Trial

First of all, you need to open Amazon to sign-up. While signing up you don’t need to use your permanent email or information. Use any temporary email or email generator and use them. After creating the account you need to apply for a free trial of Prime membership.

To get prime membership you need to enter the credit card details. Enter any temporary credit card number. It is very easy, search on google for the free credit card number. Use any number.

After entering the details your free trial for Amazon Prime Membership is activated for one month. Now you can review prime deals.

#2: Six Month Free Prime

You can available 6 moths free Prime Membership if you are a student. But you need to qualify in order to avail the service. For that, you must need a school with a verified .edu email. Moreover, you must be enrolled in college. The procedure for applying prime membership is ver easy. All you need to do is to

  • Open amazon student prime page.
  • Click on apply now.
  • Enter the required details for verification.
  • Once verified, You will get 6-month prime for free.

After six-month trial version. You can renew the membership for a year only for 49$ up to 4 years.

#3: Use Different Account for Trail Version

Once your 30 days amazon prime membership is expired you can apply for a new account. Use a different name and email ID. Once you created an account. Go for Prime Membership. Use different credit card number and email address. Use google search to get email or credit card generator.

Hope these methods help you get Amazon Prime Membership for Free. If you have any issue related to this guide then let us know in comments below. We will love to answer your queries. Thanks!

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