How to Fix Lag in Call of Duty Mobile, Increase FPS and Make it Run Faster

Call of Duty Mobile is the new hot cake in the gaming industry. This game is set to break all the previous records set by PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. Call of Duty Mobile is recently released and people love it. But, you know there is a big problem in online games which run on the internet. They lag, hang or sometimes we face unable to connect server errors. We have posted alot of guides related to fixing Call of Duty Mobile issues.

Fix Lag in Call of Duty Mobile

Fix Lag in Call of Duty Mobile, Increase FPS and Make it Run Faster:

A new error is reported by some users. They said, everything runs good but suddenly Call of Duty Mobile lags and their game closes. So, is again at your service. Today, we will guide you on how to fix lag in Call of Duty Mobile, increase FPS and make it run faster.

Call of Duty Mobile Requirements must be fulfilled:

There are minimum requirements to download and play COD Mobile. Your device must fulfill those conditions check either your device is fulfilling the following requirements.

for Android:

  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Snapdragon 625, Adreno 506 processor (minimum)
  • Running Android 5.1 and up

for iOS:

  • iPhone 5S (minimum)
  • iPad 2 (minimum)
  • iOS 9 or above

If all requirements are fulfilled than proceed to the next solutions. Otherwise, you need to upgrade your Phone.

Method 2: Fix lag through GamerBox

The game booster is an android app that helps you to fix lag, increase fps, and boost stutter fps. Game booster app has its own engine named GamerBoxEngine such as performance, normal and quality mode.

Step 1: First, download the GamerBox.

GamerBox for Call of Duty Mobile

Step 2: Install the gamer box app.

Step 3: Open the app and tap on the menu icon.

  • Select the CPU Governor option and select interactive,
  • Set the governor for normal to interactive.
  • Set the governor for quality to the performance.

Step 4: Open the graphics resolution option.

  • Set a resolution for performance to 480p FWVGA.
  • Set resolution for normal to 720p HD.
  • Set resolution for quality to 1080p FHD.

Step 5: In GameBox Engine set the engine mode to the performance.

Step 6: Now launch the game from the GamerBox dashboard and enjoy the game without lag.

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