How To Delete Google Pay Transaction History

Google launched the new app called Google Pay through which you can pay your bills in 2018. With this app, you can make your online payments from anywhere comfortably. Very secure app for doing online payments or transferring the money.

This app allows you to send or receive money without any extra charges. Google Pay is one of the most secure apps to enter all of the details of your accounts. You can get a scratch card after every transaction. Win the different amounts from the scratch card. These amounts directly go to the bank account of yours that you have linked with the Google Pay app.

How To Delete Google Pay Transaction History

When you do some transactions with the app all of your transactions automatically save in the history section of the app. You can see the details and time that when and where you have done the transactions. These transactions are a personal thing and most of them want to hide these details from seeing others. That’s why you are here, if you want to delete the details of the transaction then you are at the right place.

Google Pay app does not allow you to delete the details of your transactions. But there is a way through which you can delete them. So now, I will tell you that How To Delete Google Pay Transaction History from the application. You need to go to the Google account activity page so that you can delete the history of your transactions. First of all, simply press and hold on the message you want to delete and follow the instructions given below.

Instructions To Delete Google Pay Transaction History

Follow the steps carefully to delete all the payment history.

Step 1: Open the google chrome browser on your device.

Step 2: Then enter this website

Step 3: After opening the website, you need to enter your email id and password. After that, you will go to your google my activity page.

Step 4: Click data & personalization option.

Step 5: Then scroll down and you will see my activity option.

Step 6: At the top left corner, you will see three parallel lines click on it. After that, select delete activity by option.

Step 7: After clicking to that option, you will see the date and personalization option. Click on it.

Step 8: Enter the date from which you want to delete the transaction or remove it from history.

Step 9: If you want to delete all the transactions then select all time option. In this option, you can select the google pay and tap on the delete option.

I hope this guide will help you that How To Delete Google Pay Transaction History from the Google Pay app.

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