How Long Does It Take To Receive Indian passport

Every country people love to travel from one place to another. Indian people are no different, they also like to go visit different countries on vacations or for job purposes. But to enter different country premises, a person has to get a passport first. Only then, he is allowed to apply for a visa of a specific country.

So we are here to discuss on How Long Does It Take To Receive Indian passport. Because there’s a lot hassle in getting a visa from the Indian government. And without a passport, you can’t get into such a process and can’t get a safe way to your desired destination. But getting a passport is much easy as compared to getting a visa to different countries.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Indian passport

How Many Days to Get New Passport in India

Many people consider getting an Indian passport is a hard task to achieve. But that’s a story of the past because now the Indian government has made sure that its citizens are provided with good services. So now if you apply for a normal passport application, you can get it after 30 days. And if you apply for an urgent passport application, you get to have it under 14 days. But the fastest way of getting a new passport in India is through Tatkal. This way, you can receive the desired documents within 3 to 4 working days.

How To Track Indian Passport Status

There is a simple way to track Indian Passport Status online. Follow the steps below to know how it’s done:

  1. Open on your web browser.
  2. Select Track Application Status and then Application Status option.
  3. Now enter the right details about the file number and your date of birth.
  4. Your Indian Passport Status will appear on the screen now.
  5. If you have any queries, you can call at 1800-258-1800.

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