How To Highly Compress Files Using WinRAR

It’s a lot difficult to send huge size files from one device to another. Also, there are some users who like to send emails to their colleagues but avoid doing that because they don’t know the concept of compressing a file. So here, our goal is to allow users to Highly Compress Files Using WinRAR & 7Zip. This way, users will become able to transfer their desired files from one device or one account to another. Follow my lead, because I am going to tell you How To Highly Compress Files Using WinRAR & 7Zip. This guide will help you compress large files like the ones which consume disk space in GBs (GigaBytes) into KBs (KiloBytes).

Highly Compress Files Using WinRAR

How To Highly Compress Files via WinRAR

As a matter of fact, WinRAR is known to be the best file compressing software available in the market. This program is not just about compressing files, but it also helps you to extract the compressed ones. Head below to know about the convenient steps to perform this particular task.

  • Download & Install WinRAR application on your computer. (Download Link)
  • After installing the application, open it on the device you are using at the moment.
  • Now you need to configure it as per your desire.
  • Press Ctrl + S buttons together or navigate to the options from the menu bar and select settings.
  • Go to the Compression tab and select Create default option place inside the Compression Profiles Section.
  • Now start configuring the program by following the exact settings provided below:
Archive format: RAR
Compression method: Best
Dictionary Size: 4096KB
Update Mode: Add and replace files
Archiving options: Create solid archive
  • When you are done in implying the provided above settings, its time you go the Advanced tab to set up some more settings.
  • Inside the Advanced parameter tab, set up the following settings:
Text Compression: Auto
Prediction Order: 63
Memory To Use (MB): 128
Audio Compression: Auto
Channels: 0
True Color Compression: Auto
  • The last step for you is to click once on the Ok button to save the settings which you just made.
  • Afterward, go the location path of the file which you want to compress. Right-click on it and select Add to archive.
  • Once done, depending on the performance level of your PC, it will not take more than 2 or 3 minutes to complete the process.

That’s all, enjoy.

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