Here Is The List of Discord Commands

There are many chat applications for gamers from which you can chat with players from all around the world. Many of you have used chat applications in the past or still using to chat with the players while playing the games. A new chat app called Discord for gamers has launched from where you can chat with the best players.

Discord app is specially designed the gamers who loved to chat via private servers. This app allows you to chat or send voice messages to players around the world. This app is available both in Windows and smartphones. It has the ability to stay connected no matter which type of game you’re playing. Create an account in the app and start chatting with the players.

Invite the players by sending a server link to them. Once your teammates open your unique server link, they’ll instantly be added to your voice or text chat group. You can immediately start playing games with new players and chat with them while playing games. Discord is free to use and you do not need any registrations to use this app.List of Discord Commands

Create your own server and add players to it. In the Discord app, you have to type commands into the server in order to make different things happen. Many of the commands that you type are useful. Below we will show you the list of commands that are helpful for you while chatting.


1. giphy [search term]

This is a Love animated GIFs command by which you can see thousands of GIFs on your screens. Choose any of them and send them while chatting. Show your feelings to others.

2. nick [new nickname]

If you set your nickname while entering the chat rooms and want to change it then this command will help you. With the help of it, you can easily change your nickname and type the new one of your liking.

3. tts [message]

This is a very helpful command for those who don’t have a microphone. This command allows you to type something and have it read out loud in the chatroom. But you have to be careful because the admin can easily disable these features if your abuse or say something wrong.

4. afk set [status]

This command will let you set a custom AFK (away from keyboard) message. It helps you to show up on the channel if someone mentions your nickname in the chat rooms.

5. whois [user mention]

If the unknown person is talking to you and you do not know about that person then use this command to know all the information about that person.

6. membercount

With the help of this command, the users and admin both can know how many people are currently connected to the server. Using this command will give you an instant result.

7. emotes

This is a very interesting command to use. If you love to use emojis and want to send while chatting then use this command. You can see the list of emojis and send any of them quickly.

8. serverinfo

If you want to know the details about the server in which you are added then use this command. It provides the information that how many users are active on that server averagely and how long the server has been active.

9. Botcommands

As we told you earlier that text-to-speech command that admins can disable certain commands at times. Admins can create any number of custom commands for you to use. So if you want to know that which commands are available for your use then you will see the full list of the commands.

10. Moderation Blacklist Add [phrase]

This command is very useful if you are running a chat room. Most people say the wrong words and abusing in the chat rooms. But with the help of this command you can, you can block these words and phrases that you want to block in the channels.

Discord Chat Bots & Servers

If you are running your own server then we highly recommended you to use the Chat Bots. With the help of it, you can create multiple channels and give different permissions for the users of each of these channels. So if you have a server that has a large number of people then you can use this feature to manage your server.

There is a list of endorsed bots in the Discord official website that provides many mod tools. These mod tools allow you to integrate this like Twitch and Youtube. You will find many unofficial bots that help you in various things like add stat for the players or call people. These unofficial bots some time do not work properly so that why we do not recommend you to use these bots. Because these bots are unstable and give many errors.

So that we are here to help you with that matter. We provide you the list of commands that will help you in Discord bots. These commands will help you to run your server easily and do lots of customizations in it. Below you will see some of the commands that will help you in some ways.

1. ban [user] [limit] [reason]

This command helps you to banned or block some from your server. If you give warnings to someone and that person is still creating problems then you can simply use this command to ban them from your server. There is an option in that command that you want to ban that person from your server permanently or ban a certain period of time. Once you choose the option then that person will get the message that he/she is banned from the server.

2. softban [user] [reason]

If someone is abusing and say many words that you want that person to say in the chats then you can immediately ban that person by using this command. This command also helps you to remove all the messages that they have type in the chatroom of yours.

3. kick [user] [reason]

If the person that using the abusive words and you need to give that person the wake-up call, then use this command. This command can not ban that person from the server but they cannot reenter the chat room until invited by someone.

4. mute [user] [minutes] [reason]

If you want to quite the users from your server for some time or allow certain users then this command will help you with that. You can mute the members for some time by adding the time period. In that time period, they can not send messages to each other and also unmute them anytime by using this command again.

5. addrole [name] [hex color] [hoist]

This command is very useful and most of you want to use this command. This command allows you to set up different roles. You can be assigned users’ names to appear on the channel in the color you choose. Also, you can create a role for many things like raid leaders, team leads and so on.

6. delrole [role name]

If you want to remove the role that you set up with the upper command then use this command. It removes all the roles that you have set up completely.

7. role [user] [role name]

You can use this command to promote someone to the Mod position or add that user to a different role. In that case, this command will help you to assign that person to a role that fits best for him.

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