How to Hard & Soft Reset the Roku

I will guide you today that how you can hard and soft reset the Roku device. Roku is a portable online video media player that helps you to stream videos by connecting your devices with it. This device allows you to stream the live channels anywhere with the help of an internet connection. Connect with any of the devices such as TV, PC, smartphones, and others. It is the portable hardware that you can take anywhere with you.

As you know nothing is perfect, some of the users are facing problems while streaming videos with the Roku. Some of them said that it stuck while streaming and some are saying that it could not start the device properly. So if you are facing any of these issues then try to reset your device.Hard & Soft Reset the Roku

When you face problems like that then first try the soft reset to solve the issue. If it won’t work then try a factory hard reset.

1. How to Soft Reset Roku

While doing the soft reset process, you cannot lose any of your data available in the Roku device.

Soft Reset From Remote

Many of the users of Roku see the frozen screen while streaming videos from it. In that case, try to reset Roku using the remote control of it by pressing the buttons given below:

  1. Home 5 times
  2. Up 1 time
  3. Rewind 2 times
  4. Fast Forward 2 times

This procedure works with all the models of the Roku and most of the people can solve their problems by soft resetting their Roku devices.

Soft Reset From Menus (Newer Models – 4, Premier, & Ultra)

To do that follow the instruction given below:

  • Go to the Home screen,
  • From there select “Settings
  • Then System
  • Then Power
  • At last, select the System restart.

Soft Reset Using Button (Older Models)

This procedure work with the older models of the Roku devices. To reset te older models using buttons are as follows.

  • First, you need to find the Reset button which is available at the back or bottom of the device. Some of the Roku models will require the paper clip or needle to press the reset button.
  • Press that button for 2 seconds and your device will reset.

Soft Reset With Power Pull

If all of the above procedures don’t work for you then try to disconnect the power cord from the Roku device for 20 to 30 seconds. After that, connect back the power cord and it will soft reset the Roku.

2. How To Hard Reset Roku

By doing a hard reset you will remove all the data from your Roku device and all the settings will go to default.

Hard Reset Via Menu (Newer Models Like 4, Premier, & Ultra)

After soft resetting the device does not work for you then a hard reset is the only solution for you. This will remove everything from your Roku device. To do that follow the instruction given below:

  • First of all, go to the home screens and choose Settings
  • Go to System option
  • Then Advanced system settings
  • No select Factory reset
  • From there go to the Settings option
  • Then Factory reset
  • And at last, click on the Yes option.

Hard Reset Using Button (For Older Models)

  • To do that first remove all the cables except the Power cord from your Roku device.
  • Now press and hold the Reset button that is available at the back of the device for about 20 to 30 seconds. You need a paper clip or needle to press the reset button for some models.
  • Now continue holding the Reset button and then remove the Power cord from your Roku device.
  • After removing the Power cord now release the Reset button, then plug back all the cables and Power cord into the Roku Device.

This is how you can factory reset the Roku device. If you want to ask any question then contact us in the comment section.

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