How To Get Receipt Number For US Visa

Millions of people travel to the US on a monthly basis. But before visiting America, every person has to apply for Visa through the US embassy. For that, they get an NEFT number because of the online payments. But after they get the national electronic funds transfer number, they have to get a receipt number as proof for a transaction. However, it’s a lot easier for users who are applying for the first time. Because they get such details within a day. But it’s not that easy when a person is renewing his/her Visa. For such persons, they can follow our guide on How To Get Receipt Number For US Visa.

Get Receipt Number For US Visa

Getting Receipt Number For US Visa

Let me remind you that it’s best that you wait for 24hours before performing any kind of online steps. Because it’s a possibility that the bank systems are not working properly and it’s just a work delay from the embassy. But if you want, you can try to contact the Bank authorities, through which you paid the NEFT. But let’s just talk about the proper procedure of Getting Receipt Number For US Visa.

  • If you are in India, the ICICI bank is best for NEFT.
  • We add a receiver that has an account in ICICI net banking.
  • The receiver account is enabled in an hour.
  • It took me approx 6 to 10 minutes to pay the visa fees.
  • Now in 2 hours, I got the receipt via email.

Like I told you earlier, you don’t need to worry about the updating of such applications. Because the organizations are officially owned by the government, they are not delaying it because of some work purposes. Though, you don’t need to execute any steps to get a Receipt Number for US Visa. Because your status gets updated automatically.

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