How To Get Facebook Desktop Version on Android

Facebook was first introduced for PC users. There wasn’t a Facebook app at first, but people still loved it. So many Facebook users want to experience the same PC/Desktop version of Facebook on their Android phones. For those, I’ve come up with a guide on How To Get Facebook Desktop Version on Android. But there are multiple ways to achieve this goal, you can decide to imply any method you find intriguing.

Getting Facebook Desktop Version on Android

Method#1: Direct Link

To open Facebook Desktop Version without much of a hassle, you can get a direct link for this cause. But first, you need to open Chrome on Android and sign in to your Facebook account. Now when you have logged in, navigate to your browser’s URL bar and type and press enter. Try to enter the same URL address or just open it directly from my guide. Now you’ll see the Facebook Desktop Version on your Android device.

Get Facebook Desktop Version on Android

Method#2: Chrome Settings

Another way of using Facebook Desktop Version on Android is by navigating into your browser’s settings. Because most of the chromium-based web browsers now allow you to enjoy a desktop version on a smartphone. You can imply the same method on any smartphone.

  • Open Chrome web browser on your Android device.
  • Now login to your Facebook account.
  • After a successful login, tap once on the hamburger icon.
  • Now check the Desktop View checkbox.
  • Your Facebook mobile version will be viewed as a Desktop version.

Get Facebook Desktop Version on Phone

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