How to Force Dark Mode in One UI 2.0

In this article, we will guide you on how you can force Dark Mode in One UI 2.o update. Recently Samsung rolls out the latest version of the One UI for the users of S10 and Note 10 models. After every update, Samsung enhances the features by giving updates and remove all the bugs from their software. Many of the mid-range devices like Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M30 of Samsung also get the update of One UI 2.0 version as well.

In this new update, you guys get the new skins and some advanced features to use. Also, the dark mode of the Samsung devices improved and now works with most of the apps as well. Almost all the official apps of Android support the dark mode and work perfectly with it. But unfortunately, most of the third-party apps can not support the dark mode feature.

So if you want to use the dark mode with the third-party apps then you can do that as well. From the developer options in the settings, you can force dark mode to work with all the applications. Even those apps do not support the dark mode. But still, some apps do not work with the dark mode after forcing it to work with all the apps.

Now its time for us to tell you that how you can force the dark mode in One UI 2.0. Below you will see the settings by which you are able to force dark mode.

Settings to Force Dark mode in One UI 2.0

Follow the steps carefully and all of the users that have One UI 2.0 update can force dark mode to work with all the apps.

First of all, you have to enable the developer option on your Samsung device.

To enable the developer option, go to the Settings of your device.Force Dark Mode in One UI 2.0

Scroll down and click on the About Phone option.Force Dark Mode in One UI 2.0

Then select the Software information.Force Dark Mode in One UI 2.0

After that, you will see the option Build number, tap on that option 7 times.

By doing this will unlock the Developer option on your device.

After that go back to the Settings main page and scroll down.

In the end, you will see the Developer options. Click on it.Force Dark Mode in One UI 2.0

Now go to the hardware accelerated rendering or simply search the dark mode on the serach bar.

From there toggle on dark mode.Force Dark Mode in One UI 2.0

By doing some simple settings you guys can force dark mode to work with all the apps even though they don’t support them. If you find this guide useful then feel free to contact us in the comment section below.

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