How to Fix PUBG Device Not Supported Error – Solution 100% Working

PUBG has taken Tencent Corporation on a new height. This product is the key to success which makes Tencent a giant technology Conglomerate. Finally, smartphone users got good news a few months back when the company announced a mobile version of PUBG. This game was launched in the rivalry of Fortnite.

Occurring errors in the game are common problems. But when PUBG Mobile prompts PUBG Device not supported error than it becomes a headache for PUBG lovers. If you are facing the same issue and searching for its solution, you picked the right spot. Here we will guide how to fix Device not supported error in PUBG.

Fix PUBG Device Not Supported Error

If you have a high-end smartphone supported by Android and iOS, you can easily download PUBG from Google Play. But if you have a mid-range smartphone, you may face the same error. Some users are complaining that their device is compatible with PUBG Mobile. Still, they are unable to play it, most of them are facing this error after PUBG Mobile latest update.

First users must check either their device meets the following requirements of PUBG or not.

  • Android 5.1.1 or above.
  • Minimum 2GB RAM.
  • Stable and Presistent internet connection.

How to Fix PUBG Mobile Device Not Supported [Solved]:

If your mobile device is lacking any of the requirements, you need to change the device. But if mobile device fulfills all the requirements and still the Device Not Supported Error prompts! follow the guide to fix it.

  1. As a last attempt before repairment, make sure PUBG Mobile is updated to the latest version. Or Download the PUBG Mobile APK because it is frequently updated by the Tencent developers.
  2. Tap on downloaded PUBG Mobile APK file. It will ask you to enable unknown resources. Tap on settings options enable unknown resources. Comeback to install screen, tap on install option and let the game install.
  3. Now you will see the same error again!

“Your device is not supported at the moment, but it will be included at a later time. Thank you for your understanding”

Keep following the below steps.

Step 1: Download these 2 apps on your device.

Step 2: Follow the 2nd step of above methods to install these apps one by one.

Step3: Launch the Virtual Xposed app on your Android device. Swipe up to open settings of the app

Step 4: There will be an Add option, tap on it. Now add the PUBG Mobile and Device Faker app from the list in Virtual Xposed app. Once you added both, tap on install button. The installation procedure will take 2 to 3 minutes wait for it.

Step 5: Set back to the settings of the Virtual Xposed by swiping up from the dashboard.

Step 6: Select the option of Manager Xposed Module. Now follow the steps carefully.

  • 6.1: Tick the Device Faker APK first. Tap on it to open the device faker Dashboard. Add the current device information
  • 6.2: Here you will see current device information. Choose Android/Nexus 7/4.4.2 and don’t forget to apply settings. Don’t forget to tap on the apply option to save settings.

Step 7: Go back to settings, tap on reboot option to restart Virtual Xposed app.

Step 8: After app restart, Open the PUBG from the Virtual Xposed app. This time you will not face the PUBG Device Not Supported Error. Its the self experienced trick and we found it absolutely effective.

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