How to fix Call of Duty Mobile “Server Are Under Maintenance” & “Server Shutdown” Errors

Call of Duty Mobile is going to be the biggest game of 2019 expectedly. It is one of the most grossing gaming franchises ever. 2 game industries giants are involved in developing COD mobile. One is Activision itself and other is Tencent Corporation (Developers of PUBG). This game is under maintenance and developers are adding the final touch to it before its launching.

fix Call of Duty Mobile “Server Are Under Maintenance”

Recently Call of Duty Mobile Mobile Beta version is rolled out in Australia, Canada, and India. Beta version is incomplete its just for testing purpose. So, that the drawbacks and loopholes can be spotted in the game. Currently, the game is showing errors like “Server Are Under Maintenance” & “Server Shutdown” Errors.

How to Fix COD Mobile “Server Are Under Maintenance” Error

Sorry! viewers thanks for visiting iGeeksGuide. Unfortunately, there are no possible rectifications to rectify Call of duty server shutdown or Server are under maintainenece error. Only developers can fix this issue. Recently COD Mobile team has given an official statement about this issue. Soldier! Thanks for keeping patience. Soon you will get the most awaited game full-fledged version without any errors.

As we told you before that beta version is always incomplete. It is a common matter that certain issue occurs in them. Infact the purpose of launching beta versions is to conclude the errors and bugs. These developers come to know what improvements they need to make in the app or game.

Go to Google Play and pre-register Call of Mobile Mobile. As soon, we get the official release date of the game we will update you within no seconds. Keep visiting iGeeksGuide daily to get the latest updates about COD Mobile.

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