Fix Call Of Duty Mobile “Connection Terminated” – Network Error Please Check Your Network Status

Call of Duty Mobile is the new sensation on the smartphone. This game has broken all of the records right after its release. Most number of downloads within a few weeks. COD Mobile is setting the new benchmark. The biggest problem with the online game is a network error. Probably every player has faced this error in every online game. This error is very minor which users can solve through easy procedures. Proceed to the solution section to fix the Call Of Duty Mobile Connection Terminated.

Call Of Duty Mobile “Connection Terminated”

How to Fix Call Of Duty Mobile “Connection Terminated” error?

There are various solutions for solving the Call of Duty Mobile Connection Terminated error. First of all, you need to check the WiFi connection or Mobile data.

Check WiFi Connection:

WiFi connection can be a reason behind this issue. Check your WiFi Router either the signal strength is strong enough. If not, then restart the WiFi Router. Or complaint internet service providers to solve your issue.

Try: Vpnify for PC on Windows 10 & Mac OS

Use a VPN:

Step 1: There are options to Log-in COD Mobile. One is Guest and the other is Facebook. Try both one by one to see the issue appears in both/each or not.

Step 2: When you try to Login in the game, it prompts “Unable to connect to the game. Please try again” and “Can not connect server” errors. Now you need a good VPN app, we recommend NordVPN.

Step 3: Download and Install NordVPN for Android from the Google Play Store.

Step 4: After installation, launch NordVPN on mobile. Get connected with Australian, Canadian or Indian Server. It will connect your device with a selected server in a few seconds.

Step 5: After connecting with VPN, Launch the Call of Duty Mobile again. This time the game will automatically connect you with the available server.

Reinstall the game:

If both solution failed to rectify the Call Of Duty Mobile “Connection Terminated” error then try this solution. Delete the game from Mobile and reinstall Call of Duty Mobile from Google Play. Kindly ensure your game must be logged in before deletion. Because deleting COD Mobile without ID can cause the loss of all items, equipment, and ranks which you earned. After deleting the game reinstall it and then enter the same ID again to recover the game from where you left.

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