How To Fix Call of Duty Mobile Authorization Error

Call of Duty formerly known as COD is delivered for the PUBG & Fortnite fans. As it is the production of Tencent Gaming Buddy, it’s beta version is available for mobile phones. So the testing version COD mobile can sometimes be laggy and provide you with an issue known as “Call of Duty mobile Authorization Error”. We know that it’s hard to wait for such a fascinating game for months, battle royale fans don’t want to miss a chance to dominate their enemies in such a spectacular battlefield. So for such gamers, we have drafted a convenient guide on How To Fix Call of Duty mobile Authorization Error. Follow our lead and in the end, you will be able to overcome such a frustrating issue.

Fix Call of Duty mobile Authorization Error

The main reasons for such an error are because COD mobile is not officially launched and it’s only available on specific locations. It’s a fact that battle royale fans are from around the world. That’s why PUBG is produced according to different region people who don’t understand the English language. However, if you are trying to play the COD Mobile beta version from any corner of the world, use our guide provided below:

Fixing Call of Duty Mobile Authorization Error

Apart from the connected IP location, there can be multiple reasons to why the game is responding laggy. For instance, the game servers are not fully developed yet, so they may not let you access all the features of the game yet. But our guide can help your temporarily remove this problem and let you play it either in the solo or multiplayer mode. So without wasting any further of your times, let’s take you to the convenient method to Fix Call of Duty Mobile Authorization Error.

  • First of all, install a trustworthy VPN on your mobile. (Download NordVPN)
  • After its installation, select the proxy location to India.
  • When you connected with an Indian IP, open Call of Duty Mobile.
  • Wait a while till the game initializes.
  • In a couple of seconds, you will not be bothered by an Authorization error anymore.
  • Enjoy your game while you have the chance to play it for free.

That’s all, enjoy.

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