How To Fix App Not Installed Error In Android [Solved]

App not installed error usually appear on Android devices when we intend to install an update. There can be various reasons due to which app is not installing properly. Many users have a complaint about this issue. A factor that is common in all the victim devices is either they have low memory or low storage. So according to this fact, we have concluded a solution. Below we have posted a procedure step by step. By following that procedure you can fix App Not Installed Error on your Android devices.

How To Fix App Not Installed Error In Android

Possible reasons for the error occurrence

First of all, check the storage of your device. Maybe the device storage is low than the app requirement. Free some space on your Android device and try again to install the app. Hopefully, it will get installed smoothly this time without error.

The second thing is the location. Where are you trying to place the app? Check there either the storage limit for the installation of the app is avaialble or not.

If you are trying to downlaod the app APK file then maybe you selected the wrong source. Download App APK only from highly reputed sites like or

Maybe the app is not compatible with your Android current version in the device. First, update OS than again try to install the app.

How yo Fix App Not Installed Error in Android

If all the above recommendations failed to fix App not Installed Error in Android, you need to try another way. Here we will guide you on how to fix errors in Android using the APK Editor Pro app.

  1. First of all, you need to download APK Editor Pro app. [Download]
  2. Now install the app by enabling the unknown resources from settings.
  3. Open the app after installation
  4. Select the app apk which you want to repair and tap on the edit icon.
  5. Select Auto (OS Make Decision) option.
  6. Change the target SDK version to your Android SDK version.
  7. After amendments tap on the save button.
  8. Now try to install the App APK again and this time it will work completely fine.

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