How to Find Twitter Drafts

Today we will guide you that how to find draft messages from the twitter app. Twitter is a social networking and online news app where people can communicate with each other. It allows you to write short messages up to 140 characters. These short messages you posted on your wall also called Tweeting.Find Twitter Drafts

You can post short messages for anyone who follows you on the Twitter app. Write funny and useful messages to the people who follow you. Also, follow the celebrities or favorite personalities on Twitter and reply to their tweets as well. Get the notifications if someone tweets about you or reply to your messages.

Many of the users have drafted the messages so that they can publish them later. But could not know how to find the drafted messages on Twitter then you don’t have to worry because we will guide you on that purpose.

Where To Find Twitter Drafts?

To do that, press the button to write a new tweet that is available at the bottom right corner. Then at the top, next to the Tweet button, you’ll see an option for Drafts. This draft option only shows if any message is drafted. If there is no message drafted then the draft option could not appear.Find Twitter Drafts

Many of you also want to know how to save a message in the draft. To do that, write the message then click on the Cancel button that is available at the top left. From there select the Save As Draft option. This is how you can draft the message and edit or publish it at any time.

The draft option is only available for the users of the Twitter app. You can not find this option on the desktop or mobile browser version of Twitter.

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