How To Find and Remove Harmful Software on Chrome

Every user prefers using a product of a tech giant. Because he knows that if he falls into a trap, it’ll be the first priority of the tech giant to protect its user from offline & online threats. Same implies to users of Google Chrome. All of us know that it’s not the most private web browser in the market. But it is a secure product and allows a user to take security precautions for further convenience.

Nevertheless, if you are facing any trouble after downloading software or extension, this is the right place for you. Because here, I’ll tell you a way to Find and Remove Harmful Software on Chrome. For your acknowledgment, I’ll be using the cleanup tool to get the job done. This feature is allotted specifically for the users of Google Chrome. It allows them to ensure that everything stays well while visiting websites and downloading online data from them.

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How Do I Find and Remove Harmful Software on Chrome?

Whenever you visit a website, it contains cookies that could be harmful to your device. Also, mostly the websites with HTML5 codes, they are safe and doesn’t harm your device at all. But no matter what sort of websites you visited, Chrome’s cleanup tool is always there to help you secure your device. Head below to know about its proper steps.

  • Launch Google Chrome and visit chrome://settings/cleanup

Find and Remove Harmful Software on Chrome

  • Now from the portal’s home page, click on “Find” and make sure the checkbox listed below this button is checked.

Find and Remove Harmful Software on Chrome

  • Wait a while and let Chrome check for the malicious viruses in peace.

Find and Remove Harmful Software on Chrome

  • When it’s done checking for harmful software, you’ll be notified about the results.
  • If it tells you that everything’s ok, you don’t need to worry about anything at all.
  • But in case, the web browser asks you to give permission to remove the deadly software. Don’t hesitate and remove it instantly.

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