How to Attach Multiple Emails in Gmail

Google incorporation loves to do innovation in their offered services and operating system Android OS. Among the Google Top-Notch services, the world’s largest Email clients Gmail is most prominent. Gmail is the best email service for a reason. On each and every update this Google service brings the more facility to enhance users’ experience. Always try to make the platform better and best for their users. Gmail owns many distinguished features that we can’t see in other mail services. Now you can attach multiple emails in Gmail at a time. It’s easy for Gmail users to send Emails as Attachments in Gmail.

How to Send Emails as Attachments in Gmail

As the feature has newly arrived, means it’s not so old. So, many people are not aware of it and they don’t know how to use it. Today we are writing down steps on guide to send Emails as Attachments in Gmail. Through the mentioned steps you can attach single or multiple emails at a time on your Gmail.

attach multiple files in Gmail

Method 1: Through stock Attachment Feature

  1. This feature is present in stock on the menu (Three dotted icon) of Gmail mail composing.
  2. Open your Gmail account on your Laptop’s or desktop’s browser.
  3. Select all emails which you want to send to a person.
  4. Now you need to click on the overflow menu. It presents next to the label icon.
  5. Select Forward as an attachment option.

Finally, you have successfully sent all mails to the person together rather than sending them individually.

Method 2: Drag and Drop

Thanks to Gmail multi-tasking, you can send Emails as attachments. You just need to drag and drop the Mail composing tab after selecting the person whom you want to send those emails.

  1. Sign in to your Gmail Account on your computer’s browser.
  2. Enter the subject of mail or batch of mails.
  3. Select the receiver’s email address in the address section.
  4. Now select all the emails which you want to send by using your mouse. After selecting the mails drag and drop the highlighted area to your Gmail Mail composing section.

Once all mails are dropped in the Message body, finally you are ready to send it. Click on the send button and hence you have successfully sent Emails as attachments.

Final Words:

Surely Gmail is the best Email service in the world. On every update, you will find something new. I saw many users including my colleagues sending the bulk of mails individually. That process is so time-consuming. Thanks to Google’s Gmail “Send as Attachment” option, now sending multiple emails at a time is easy.

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