Documents Required For Canada Tourist Visa From India

Today we will tell you the complete guide on Documents Required For Canada Tourist Visa From India. As you know every one of you want to travel to Canada. Because this is one of those countries that most people want to visit. There are many beautiful places and natural beauty spots for you to see in Canada. Almost millions of people visit Canada every year.

There are many beaches, restaurants, landscapes and more available for you to visit. Most of the people from India want to visit Canada, but they do not know the requirements that are important to apply for a Canada visa. If you want to apply for the Visit Visa of Canada then we will show you all the documents that are required.

What Is Tourist Visa

Tourist visa helps you to visit any country to explore new places and things. It is provided by the government of the country that you want to visit. You need to provide all the legal and complete documents so that they will give you the visa without and doubts. So if you want to visit Canada, you must provide all the documents that are required by the Canadian embassy.

Documents Required For Canada Tourist Visa From India

Canada Tourist Visa And Their Types

There are two different types of Canada tourist Visa and for every visa, you need different documents. Both visas are provided by the Canadian embassy and valid for some fixed time. But you have to provide all the legal documentation for that. We will tell you both types of Visa and what are the documents that are needed to apply for Canada Visit Visa.

1. Multiple entry visa

This visa helps you can travel between India and Canada multiple times. This visa is given by the Canadian embassy for 6 months. In those six months, you can travel between the countries anytime as many times as you can. When the visa expires then you have to apply again for the visit visa.

2. Single Entry Visa

You can enter Canada on this visa just once. In this visa, if you leave Canada before the time then the visa will expire and you have to apply again to visit Canada. So basically, you have to stay there until your visa time expires.

Documents Required For Tourist Visa In Canada

Below you will see must needed documents if you want to apply the tourist visa for Canada.

1. Valid Passport & Travel Documents

First of all, you need an original passport that was issued by the Government of India. Make sure that your passport is valid for 6 months. If you have the old passport then you have to attach a copy of that passport as well.

2. Application Visa Form

You need the Canada visa application form. Fill the form with all of your details that were asked in the visa form. At the last of the form, you need to sign because your signature is very important.

3. Photos

You need 2 passport size photographs with white background. Make sure that your passport size photos are a maximum of three months old. Write the name and your date of birth at the back of the photographs, which is very important. No scanned or stapled photographs are allowed.

4. Unique Covering Letter

This letter is given by the Canadian High Commission. This letter is signed by the Visa officer of the Canadian High Commission. This letter is marked with the organization stamp with the signature of the Visa officer. In that letter, your name, address, designation, passport number, the purpose of the visit, and more are mentioned.

5. Proof Of Employment

This is proof of your that you are working in that company. You need No Objection Certificate (NOC) or salary slip. All of these documents are display all of the details of your current job mentioned on it. If you are a businessman then you need to show your business details to the embassy.

6. Certificates

All of your educational documents and certificates are very important to apply for the Visa. Make sure that you have all of the original certificates of your education.

7. Financial Documents

You need to show your last six months of the bank statement. You can get your bank statement form your bank and attached them with the documents of yours. You also need income tax return statements for the last 3 years.

8. Documents Of Parents

You need to provide all the details of your parents and their job position and salary. Also, you need the valid identity cards of your parents.

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