How can we Disable Videos Auto-Play in Google Play Store?

Auto Play videos options may be good for the people who are connecting with Wi-Fi. But, if the device is connected to Mobile data (3G, 4G) than it can be a huge expense for you. Internet using on mobile data is not so cheap. In most of the countries SIM internet is very costly. So, such people avoid to auto play videos on social media and other streaming platforms. Auto play videos option is enabled by default in many apps. Same goes with the Google Play. Most of the apps and games developers upload a video for guide to their users. Not all but most of the especially those apps and games which are developed by giants have videos too.

Disable Videos Auto-Play in Google Play Store

Many users had asked that they want to disable the Auto Play Videos. It consumes a lot of data, and they lost their precious MB’s due to this ridiculous feature. Well, you don’t need to get irritate now because you can disable Auto Play Videos on Google Play. We are posting a step by step guide which will let you get rid of Auto-Play videos. So Let’s Begin!

How to Disable Videos Auto-Play in Google Play Store:

Here are the steps to disable Videos Auto-Play option in Google Play. Before we write the steps, you need to confirm one thing. Google Play App must be updated to the latest version. Chinese users can install or sideload the Google Play the latest version from APK mirror.

  1. Launch Google Play App on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  2. Tap on the Menu icon located at the top right. You can also open the menu by swiping left on screen.
  3. Open the Settings option from the Menu.
  4. Here you will see the Auto-play videos option. It will show you different options.
  5. Select the third option and i.e Don’t auto-play videos.
  6. At the end tap on Done to apply changes.

That’s all! Now either you use Wi-Fi or Mobile data videos will not be played on Google Play Automatically. If you need any further assistance, feel free to ask us.

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