Disable Video AutoPlay in Firefox and Chrome

There comes a time when you don’t wanna be bothered while visiting different websites over the internet. Because some websites have added video tutorials and advertisements which are no use to you. Even when you are swiping down to the website’s end, the floating video keeps following you until the end. So here, I’ll tell you a way to get rid of this frustrating situation and surf the internet with ease. Visit different websites and say no to all sorts of unwanted videos. By following a guide about How To Disable Video AutoPlay in Firefox and Chrome. Follow the steps in the manner they are drafted for you.

Turn-off Video AutoPlay on Chrome

Google Chrome bieng the most used web browser on Android & PC. It has different settings that users can follow to turn off Video Autoplay service. We will talk about disabling the service according to Android devices and computers.

1) Using Android Devices

To disable Video Autoplay in Chrome using Android, you are required to visit a website in the web browser. Then navigate tap once on the hamburger icon available at the top-right corner of the web browser. From there, select Settings and then Site Settings.

Now swipe down a little and tap on “Media”. Navigate to Auto-play and make sure that it’s Toggle is disabled.

2) Using Computers

It’s a lot easier to turn off Video Autoplay in Chrome while you are using it on a computer. First, you need to visit the following URL in Chrome:


In front of the Autoplay Policy tab, expand the drop-down menu and select “Document user activation is required”

3) Disable Video Autoplay of a specific Website

If you are fell annoyed just because of a specific website, then you can decide to disable the Autoplay service only on it. For that, open the website and click once on the Lock icon that available right before the website’s name. Now select “Site Settings”

Disable Video Autoplay on Chrome

Under permissions, locate the Flash tab and click on its drop-down menu. From there, select the “Block” option.

Disable Video Autoplay on Chrome

Turn-off Video Autoplay in Firefox

A good thing about Firefox is that it works the same on computers & Android devices. And if you want to disable Video Autoplay in firefox, you are going to perform similar steps for Android & PC.

  • Open the Firefox web browser.
  • Type about: config in the URL bar and press enter.
  • Now type media.autoplay.default in the search bar and hit enter.
  • If you want to disable Video Autoplay for all websites, then set its value as “1”
  • But if you want the browser to ask you every time you visit a website, then type “2” as the value.

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