How to Disable Spotify Automatic Startup

I think the most irritating thing on windows is the automatic startup of software. This happens with many of us all the time. When we turn on the Laptop some software popped up automatically. This thing ruins the mood of users. Before they start work they have to deal with these crap first. Mostly Antivirus software annoys us with this automatic startup. But wondering how a decent app like Spotify can do with this use. Spotify is undoubtfully the best music app on this planet. More than  200 million users are using Spotify on the different operating systems.

Disable Spotify Automatic Startup

There is a huge number of people who use Spotify on Windows. Some of them are complaining about automatic startup on Windows. This thing annoys them so they want to stop it but don’t know the procedure. Well, we are here with the simplest guide to disable Spotify Automatic Startup. You just need to follow few steps and your task will be accomplished successfully through it.

How to Disable Spotify Automatic Startup

  • Launch the “Spotify“ app on your Windows or Mac system.
  • Select the Edit option and go to the preferences.
  • Under the preferences click on Shows advanced option. You need to scroll down to locate this option.
  • Now click on the Startup and Windows Behaviour option.
  • Here you will see different options including Open Spotify automatically after you log into the computer. Select it as “NO”
  • You can also turn off the Spotify Web opening. Slide the button OFF of “Allow Spotify to be opened from the web”.

The second way for Windows only:

  • You can also disable Spotify Automatic startup from the Windows stock settings.
  • All you need to do is to right-click on the empty area of the taskbar. Choose the Task Manager from the available options.
  • Click on the Startup tab at appeared Windows. Here you will see all the apps and software that are allowed to appear at startup including Spotify. Left-click on the Spotify and then click on Disable.

You can do this activity with all of the software that you don’t want to see at startup.

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