How To Disable Cortana on Windows 10

Sometimes a bundle of features can be a curse for Windows 10 users. No doubt, most of the users are annoyed by the time-to-time update and some get frustrated because of the BSOD. But if we talk only about the features but not errors, then Cortana is worthy to talk about. Still, there are users who don’t want a virtual assistant. It’s mostly because people love to discover doing numerous things on their own.

Also, when they are using a PC while chatting to another person, some commands are executed on their own. Point bieng here is that there are some users who want to turn off Cortana permanently from their machine. So here, I’ve drafted a guide of How To Disable Cortana on Windows 10. If you follow my lead properly, you’ll not be bothered by any critical traps.

How Do I Disable Cortana on Windows 10?

As we all know that Cortana is enabled by default in Windows 10. But thanks to Microsoft, they allow users to disable this service easily and without any questions asked. If you are considering to turn it off, just imply the steps presented below:

  • Launch Windows 10 Settings via the Start menu.

Disable Cortana on Windows 10

  • Click on “Cortana”

Disable Cortana on Windows 10

  • Under Talk to Cortana, make sure that you turn off the toggles “Hey Cortana” and “Keyboard Shortcut”

Disable Cortana on Windows 10

  • If you don’t want to Disable Cortana on Windows 10 permanently, then only disable the “Hey Cortana”
  • For future access, just press Windows + C to call out for your Windows 10 voice assistant.

That’s all on the guide of Disabling Cortana on Windows 10. If you want to enable such settings again in the future, just roll back the steps and you are good to go. Because of this free virtual assistant, you’ll not be charged at all as well as there’ll be no need to reboot your Windows PC or Laptop. Thanks for visiting igeeksguides.

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