How To Delete Telemetry Data on Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, known to be one of the best alternatives to RAM eating web browsers. It’s best because Mozilla’s product is available for all the major platforms. But mostly it is preferred because its a chromium-based browser that allow users to install third-party extensions. A user can enjoy tons of great services from this web browser like Picture-in-Picture mode, dark theme, and so on.

Well, my point bieng here is to help users Delete Telemetry Data on Firefox. Because most of the web browsers don’t allow users to remove such sort of information. But seems like, Mozilla is trying to improve the quality of providing privacy services to its users. So to help you complete this task, I’ve drafted a full guide.

How Do I Delete Telemetry Data on Firefox?

Telemetry aka technical data stores all of your personal info inside it and send it to the Mozilla’s servers. Your operating system info, web browser’s version, browsing history, every glimpse of your online activities are stored in this section. But a normal user is not allowed to access such sort of data. However, now if a user considers of deleting Telemetry Data on Firefox, he can just do it by performing the following easy steps:

  • Launch the Mozilla Firefox web browser on your PC.
  • From the web browser’s main interface, click on the gear icon that’ll lead you to the browser’s settings.

Delete Telemetry Data on Firefox

  • Select the “Privacy & Security” tab from the left-side panel.

Delete Telemetry Data on Firefox

  • Locate the “Firefox Data Collection and Use” catalog.

Delete Telemetry Data on Firefox

  • Under “Privacy Notice”, uncheck the “Allow Firefox to send technical and interaction data to Mozilla” checkbox.
  • When done, relaunch the web browser.

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