How To Delete a Photo on Instagram

Unlike Facebook, It’s a little different to delete a photo on Instagram. A user has to perform multiple steps to complete this task. It’s obvious that if you are using a different social platform, then something’s gonna be different in it. But for those, who shared or uploaded a private photo by mistake, I’ll tell them an easy way to Delete a Photo on Instagram.

How To Delete a Photo on Instagram

There are two different ways to delete photos on Instagram. The first method we are going to talk about, it’ll only help you to delete a single Instagram photo. But the last method helps you to delete multiple Instagram photos at one time. You are allowed to select any method you think is best for you.

Delete a Photo on Instagram

1) Delete a Photo on Instagram

  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  • Tap once on the profile icon and then hit the Home button from the bottom taskbar.
  • Now open a photo that you want to delete.
  • Tap on the three-dotted icon and select “Delete”
  • Confirm the app that you want to delete the selected file.
  • Afterward, your desired picture will be removed from the Instagram servers.

2) Delete Multiple Photos on Instagram

  • Download Cleaner for Instagram on your device. (Android, iOS)
  • When it is downloaded, launch the app.
  • Sign in with your Instagram account.
  • Navigate to the “Media” tab.
  • From the bottom taskbar, tap on “Quick Select”
  • Now “Select all” or just select the photos which you want to delete.
  • After selecting the files, tap once on “Actions”
  • At last, the first tap on “Delete” and then on “Start”
  • Now the app will delete all your selected Instagram files from your account.

Final Words: That’s all on the guide of How To Delete a Photo on Instagram. You can only delete a single file if you don’t want to use the services of third-party apps. But if you are ok with using other apps to help you, only then, you’ll be allowed to delete all of your Instagram photos at once.

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