How To Delete Order History On Amazon – Permanently

It’s very simple and easy to clear order history of and its app. If you don’t know about how to clear order history than this tutorial will help you to do this task. Here we have prepared short guides on Amazon order and search history.

Delete Order History On Amazon

Deleting Amazon order history is not necessary. The platform shows recommendations according to your previous orders. In this section, users can view what they have ordered and how much they charged for it. Even Amazon let users track their orders. See at which point your order has reached. Once your order reached in your region than Amazon will notify the buyer. After receiving the order see the detailed history or purchases in profile.

How To Delete Order History On Amazon

Currently, Amazon has not introduced any feature which enables you to delete Order History. The only option which users have i.e hide the order history if anyone doesn’t want to see it. By hiding the order history it will not appear again on dashboard. It includes a couple of steps which are written below, follow the guide to hide order history on Amazon.

Hide Order On Amazon

  • First of all, you need to login to your Amazon Account. Enter your Account email ID /mobile number and password.
  • Now click on your Account and then select the option of order history.
  • Here select the order which you want to hide from Amazon.
  • That’s it, you have successfully hide your order.

In future, if you want to see the list of your hidden order then

  • Go to your Amazon Account.
  • Click on the option of hidden order menu.
  • Now you will see the list of hidden orders.

Archiving Order on Amazon

You can also archive orders on Amazon. With the help of this feature, you can easily hide orders from the dashboard. Here is how you can do it.

  • Open your Amazon Account and select order history option.
  • You will see all placed orders. Select Archive option under order setting option.
  • That’s it. This is how you can archive orders on Amazon.

I hope this guide helps you easily remove items from Amazon purchase history. If you are facing any issue while deleting, hide or clearing order history on Amazon then let me know in comments below. We get back to you as soon as possible.

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