How To Delete Google Pay Transactions History

Facing difficulty in deleting Google Pay Transactions History? If yes, then our guide drafted for you. We will tell you a little about this digital wallet portal which is made for G-users to make online transactions. It’s a fact that everyone owns a smartphone, most of which are Android devices. So what if you need to buy a paid app or game? Wouldn’t it be so risky to provide your personal info to somebody you don’t even know? So if you are willing to get an authentic E-wallet Platform, Google Pay serves you the best. Moreover, the app also provides you with variant tokens to win electronic money. Users are allowed to scratch the provided token to see & claim their rewards.

Delete Google Pay Transactions History

How Do I Delete All Transaction History On Google Pay?

GPAY is an app which provides the facility of purchases apps & their items with the help of a secure platform. But it does keep the history of your payments. There are many reasons why you would like to delete your payment history. For instance, you don’t want privacy invaders to see what you are been purchasing lately. So there are a number of steps which needs your attention to delete Google Pay Transactions History.

Deleting Google Pay Transaction History

  • Step#1: Visit the URL named as and see if it picks up your account details.
  • Step#2: If you have not signed in yet, then you will have to sign in by entering your Gmail ID and the account’s passcode.
  • Step#3: Now from the left side menu bar, select bundle view.
  • Step#4: It’s time you navigate to Data & personalization tab.
  • Step#5: Go to my activity tab.
  • Step#6: Tap once on the hamburger icon and tap once on delete activity by option.
  • Step#7: Select the date from which you to delete your transaction history. But if you are trying to delete all the payment history, then check the all-time tab.
  • Step#8: In between the all products section, first tap on Google Pay and then on the delete button.

That’s all, enjoy.

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