How To Connect iPhone/iPad To Samsung Smart TV – Guide

The age of transferring & sharing file is gone. People loved this facility but the problem with such services is the transfer delay time. Because you have some media files which are more than a GB. So sometimes users felt so annoyed while accessing such services. Also, most of the file-sharing services are limited to smartphones & computers. That’s why now people have decided to shift onto the device mirroring facility. So here, we are going to discuss How To Connect iPhone/iPad To Samsung Smart TV. The best solution for such a cause is to mirror iOS devices to Samsung Smart Tv.

Connect iPhone/iPad To Samsung Smart TV

Guide To Connect iPhone/iPad To Samsung Smart TV

There are two different ways to Connect iPhone/iPad To Samsung Smart TV, we will provide you with both of them. The first one we are going to discuss is the connection of iPhone/iPad To Samsung Smart Tv by connecting cable. The second and the easiest one is by mirroring iPhone/iPad to Samsung Smart TV Wirelessly.

Connecting iPhone/iPad To Samsung Smart TV

  • For starters, connect your iPhone/iPad with Lighting digital adapter via charging connector.
  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable with the adapter and the other end with Samsung Smart TV.
  • Now it’s time you select the HDMI input to start watching your iPhone screen on smart tv.

Mirroring iPhone/iPad To Samsung Smart TV (Wirelessly)

  • Get the Samsung Smart Tv on iOS to proceed on the process. (Download Link)
  • After installing the app, open it and wait a while till your smart tv appears in the app’s list of connectable devices.
  • When you start seeing your device, simply tap one once on it.
  • Your smart tv will ask you permission to connect with an iOS device. Allow it.
  • Do the same from your control center from the phone’s settings and allow it to turn-on screen recording.
  •  Navigate to Customize controls tab and enable the screen recording.
  • Open the Samsung smart vie app and tap on continue.
  • Now, you will be able to enjoy your iOS device on a big screen.

That’s all, enjoy.

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